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Build a career, not just a resume.

Careers have changed. They are no longer linear and are about more than a paycheck. We aren't climbing the career ladder, we're creating our own. 

thelighthouse helps you be

more strategic and intentional 

as you navigate your

ever-changing career. 

thelighthouse is a community of cross-industry leaders  united by a commitment to grow in their careers.


As a member, your experience is curated based on your career goals, challenges, and interests. We'll connect you with relevant professionals, resources, and events to help you drive your career forward with confidence + clarity.

thelighthouse members are rising leaders from companies including:
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Membership Services
Career Solutions at the Drop of a Hat
Prepping for an impromptu interview, advocating for yourself in a salary negotiation, or looking to speak to a Product Manager? Advice from your parent or partner doesn't cut it when navigating your biggest career decisions. Book a video career session with a member who has been in your shoes and will apply their experience to help you reach your goals - smarter and faster. Just tell us what you need and we'll match and book in 48 hours or less.
Curated Events
Career growth workshops and panels, networking events, industry dinners, and more. We curate a monthly calendar to keep you accountable for your on-going learning and network building, without having to sort through dozens of newsletters.
Brand-Building Opportunities
Our members have grown their personal brands by speaking at events at WeWork, Uber, General Assembly, and more. You'll also receive unique invitations to leadership, career, and job opportunities.
thelighthouse was founded to empower professionals to drive their careers forward at every single turn - from a banker on Wall Street to joining a start-up in Tel Aviv.
Our networked approach empowers you with career insights that are up-to-date, rooted in real-industry experience, and curated to you and your career goals.
Or you can stick with what you know...
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Out-of-date and overly-biased advice from Mom & Dad


Low-to-no response rate on LinkedIn

help me im poor.gif

Out-of-budget and non-industry specific advice from a career coach


Information overload & questionable sources online

"thelighthouse encourages you to think outside the box and forces you to have a strategy about your career..."


— Julia, Finance Professional, lighthouse Member

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