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As an experienced professional considering a job change, thelighthouse was very helpful in providing insight into how my resume and cover letter could be enhanced to serve within the fintech industry.

My Peer Guide, Rodrigo's, knowledge of cryptoassets and fintech allowed him to provide very useful, targeted feedback on my resume that will also be useful for the interview process.

Julia, golman sachs

Be smarter about the mba application process

Navigating the MBA application process is stressful. We're here to help. Connect with our Peer Guides who are current students and recent grads at the top 10 MBA programs to get help with your application.

I loved how [my Peer Guide], Erin, delivered constructive feedback.


She really put in 110% effort [and] made me feel excited about the piece of work I was creating. 


Erin is super smart, very talented, responsive and her turnaround time was light speed! I will definitely be reaching out to Erin again for help.

Lynsey, LONDON BUSINESS SCHOOL Executive mba