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We have a growing community of 100+ current and recent grads from the top 10 MBA programs. They were just in your shoes, got where they wanted to be and now are here to help get you there too. Get the latest, greatest up-to-date information and personalized advice and feel good about investing in yourself while also paying it forward to another young professional who’s paying back those student loans.


With the MBA Bento Box package, you’ll have full access to our community and will be able to work with different lighthouse insiders or stick with your #1, depending on your needs.


So what is this MBA Bento Box?


STEP 1: Is the MBA right for me?

Break it down for me: Have a 45 min video chat with a lighthouse Insider who is in the career you want to be in and will work with you to get to the bottom of why you want to go, what your post MBA plans are and how the MBA will help/or not really help you get there. You’ll hear what their considerations were, what pushed them over the edge to make a decision and how that decision has panned out. Our lighthouse cheat sheet will help to drive the conversation to make sure you get the most out of your 45 min session!

The alternative:  Spend hours, days, weeks or months reading Quora answers from strangers who don’t know you or your unique situation, going down a rabbit hole of Poets & Quants “Evaluating your MBA chances” (to be clear, we love Poets & Quants) or reaching out to your 'friend of a friend of a colleague' who went to HBS and gives you 30 minutes of his or her time. You’re time is more valuable than that and now there’s a smarter solution.


STEP 2: Finding the right MBA for me

Break it down for me: Finding the right MBA program is like dating. The admissions team wants to see that you #1 know you, #2 know them and everything that makes their program special and #3 know why the the two of you would make sense together. Don’t know someone at the MBA program you’re considering or can’t make it to the other coast to visit? No problem. Let us know what programs you want to learn about and we’ll match you with current students/recents grads who are already there.

The alternative: Hours of internet stalking soaking up that ‘MBA academic speak’. We’ll break it down for you faster and in a fun conversation with another yo-pro who was just in your shoes.


STEP 3 + 4: A second pair of eyes (x2)

Break it down for me: Resume review and personal statement review from someone other than your Mom, Dad, fiance or friend. Get that objective perspective from someone who knows what they’re talking about because they understand what you’re going through and made it out to the other side (and so will you!).

The alternative: “Honey, you’re incredible!!!!!” feedback from your parents (you are), expensive feedback from an admissions consultant or going it alone and hoping for the best!


STEP 5:  A second pair of ears

Break it down for me: Run through a mock interview with current students and recent grads who just went through the process and can prep you on what to expect and give you feedback on your responses. Fun fact: did you know that some of the top programs like Berkeley Haas and Chicago Booth have current students and alumni run the interview?

The alternative: Looking in the mirror like Jim Carrey in the scene from The Truman Show or talking to yourself in public like a mad man/woman. Or there’s the option of just not practicing at all (yeah, even Obama had to practice to #getthatgood).


With the Bento Box package, you'll get 5 sessions in total + 1 extra bonus session that you can use on whatever you like!


Not satisfied? We have a 100% money back guarantee.


Just want to buy one package? Go for it here!


The MBA Bento Box