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What To Do While You Wait — 3 tips for after you submit your MBA application

Many of you are now sitting tight, waiting to hear back from your first round schools and




We get it. The waiting game can be excruciating. Never fear, we have a few tips and tricks that will help you get through this…

#1 Meditate or journal in the morning

Yes, we know this sounds like some new age nonsense, but if it’s good enough for Sam Harris, it’s good enough for us! Download Headspace or Waking Up with Sam Harris and tap into your zen. Aside from making you feel calm AF, meditation has been shown to help with job satisfaction and self awareness — and believe us, you need both to manage the hectic environment of MBA and Post-MBA life. And if you don’t have the patience to meditate, pick up a 5 Minute Journal (recommended by Mr. Tim Ferris) and get into a daily gratitude practice.

#2 Reach out for informationals

While you are waiting to find out where you will be spending your next two years (if you’re doing a full time program), why not continue to build that champion network for your future career path? Now these are the informational interviews where you can have fun. Talk to people from different career paths. So what if you said you want to do construction on the application! You can totally reach out to that person in corporate at Soul Cycle…no one is going to tell if you want to peak in the curiosity closet (#JusticeForBarb). Go to our previous posts on informational interviews and cold emailing, and use this down time to keep growing your team of advocates.

#3 Contact your Lighthouse Insider

They’ve been through this sh!t already and they can share with you the unique ways they dealt with the waiting down time. They’ve been there, done that, and know what you’re going through. Thank goodness for friends and family, but we’re sure you are sick of answering the “have you heard anything yet?!?” question. Take thelighthouse career quiz to get matched with your MBA insider here.

If you have any other tips, tricks, or questions for getting through the never ending wait to decision day, please share it with us…we love hearing from you all. Send us a note at

And check us out over at thelighthouse!

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Article written by MacKenzie Green