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What if you could design your dream job?

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Yes please.

We came across this dream role at Oscar where they ask you to pitch them your ideal role, and it made us think: each of us can do that in our own careers.

So, we created the exercise below to help all of our members get one step closer to living their dream career.

Think about how you would create your dream role... look at your current role and the day ahead of you and ask yourself: 

What are the meetings or activities you are most looking forward to?

What are the meetings or activities that you are dreading? Why?

What kind of work do you wish you did more of?

How can you raise your hand to get involved in more of those kinds of projects?

What are the skills you've built up in your current role and what skills do you want to grow next?

How can your company help you do that?

What type of work are you struggling or bored with?

How can that work be more effectively (and less painfully) completed?

Does it mean taking a course to strengthen your skills or delegating it to one of your team members?

The hardest part of designing your dream role is figuring out what you want.

Take the time to reflect on your day-to-day and week-to-week to better understand what you like and dislike. Once you are clear on that, think about how you can optimize your current role to be that dream role. And if the two really don't align, think about what other opportunities would bring you closer to that work-life purpose.  

Need a little more help designing your dream role? Schedule a session with a lighthouse Insider to get you going.


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