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We're pretty sure this is how your boss wants you to feel about them:

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

So why not convince them to use that 'discretionary professional development' budget ON YOU, you bright shining star.

We have rounded up our top suggestions for how you can get the most out of that professional development budget, and, your career.

Take a General Assembly course or a class on another on/offline learning platform to learn a new skill, whether it be learning how to be an SEO master or figuring out what the X in UX stands for. Whether you're brushing up on something you already know, or taking an intro class to something new, taking an outside course shows motivation and dedication to your #careergoals.

Check Eventbrite for events and speaking series on topics ranging from Blockchain for Food Supply Chains to Women in Tech. Not only will you be able to hear and learn from thought leaders in the industry, you'll also be brushing shoulders and meeting with other professionals who are interested in (and often times working in) your area of interest.

Conferences are another great option. "Attending an industry conference is a great way to move forward in your career and it should be something you plan on every year." Read here for the top takeaways of attending a work conference.

Take advantage of us here at thelighthouse! Think career coaching, but instead of a traditional career coach, we've got a team of insiders who are in your industry, were just in your shoes and are here to give you tailored career advice and support.

So, how do I get my boss to sponsor my lighthouse sessions?

Did you know many employers cover your lighthouse membership? It doesn’t hurt to ask! We’ve got you covered with a templated email that will help you get your manager on board to invest in your career growth.

Just fill in your boss's email address, click send and that's it!

Because coaching isn't just for execs anymore...

“What I’ve seen with disengaged employees is they’re often in the right role or at least tangential to the right role,” says Rachel Lockett of Pinterest. “But they need to understand why they do what they do and how they can grow if they’re not growing in the moment.”

Let our insiders help you figure out how you can grow in your career. Schedule your 15 minute consultation call to find your best insider match.