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VC is on Fyre.

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

What is so hot these days you might say it's on Fyre? VC, baby.

Even Bella Hadid wants to know more.

We know you know it's sexy as hell. We've decided to give you a sneak peak on why this industry is #hotasfyre these days and how you can get into it.

Nina Stepanov was a newbie in VC a few years ago. Coming from Boston, she had to break onto the NYC VC scene somehow. Check out her tips for getting your foot in the door.

Considering VC but still not entirely sure? Check out the Negotiating the Terms blog which features interviews from rockstar women working in VC (including a few of our Insiders 

🙌🏻 hey Nitya!). While trying to figure out if VC was something she was interested in, the blogger, Nikita realized a lot of people were probably having the same 'informational calls' with VCs so she decided to turn hers into a blog and #SpreadThatKnowledge.

So you know you want VC but don't know where to start. Congrats! Sign up for John Gannon's newsletter where you'll get updates on all the new VC openings. Bonus: read firsthand accounts from others who have found jobs in the industry.

Want to go beyond the generic online advice?

Meet our VC Insiders and book your lighthouse session for one-on-one career advice + support that's tailored to you, you special snowflake.

👋🏻Meet Nitya: Currently an early-stage investor at Tribeca Venture Partners // Focus: Traditional VC focused on early stage start-ups

🙋🏻‍♂️Meet James: Currently an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Innovation Department, a VC firm and start-up studio based in SoHo // Focus: What's a start-up studio? Think VC meets Incubator

💃🏻Meet Selena: Currently a director at New York Life Ventures, within their corporate venture capital and innovation group // Focus: Corporate VC

💁🏻‍♀️Meet Riana: Currently a Venture Capital fellow for Pear VC and first year MBA at MIT Sloan // Focus:Traditional VC focused on early stage start-ups

Ready to take the leap? Take the first step and schedule your 15 minute consultation call to get matched with your #VCInsider or take the career quiz and skip the chat.