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So what does UX stand for again?

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Hip Hop and UX... Distant Cousins?

I got 99 problems and, not knowing what UX actually is, is one. 

What, you didn't know UX and hip hop have quite a few similarities? Don't worry, we were #SHOOK too when we first realized.

These 4 Reasons UX Writing & Hip Hop Are Long-Lost Soulmates actually make a lot of sense. Now excuse us, as we put on our headphones and get lost in some Jay-Z.

Need more convincing? Check out this article UX, As Told Through Hip Hop.

It's not just about what UX and hip hop have in common. It's also about what we can learn about UX from hip hop.

If you've given up on your musical dreams but are ready to get into UX, schedule your session with one of thelighthouse UX insiders!

“The field is really about combining technology with psychology and trying to break down people’s mental models and how they understand concepts in the real world and applying that to technology. We’re designers, we’re researchers... we try to understand how [the customer] uses technology and make the products better for them”

-Ira Blossom lighthouse Insider and UX Designer & Researcher at Google

Meet Our UX Insiders

Meet Ira: Currently a UX designer & researcher at Google // Focus: G-Suite apps like Gmail, Google Drive, etc.

Meet Zach: Currently working in UX at Bloomberg // Focus: Platform consistency and discoverability

Meet Sahej: Currently an MBA Candidate at MIT Sloan // Focus: User & Service Design, Product Management and Digital Strategy projects for some of the largest Financial Services firms in the world.

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