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Sliding in the DMs: Professional Edition

Sliding in DMs is weird.

Especially when the person on the other end of that message is someone you want to make a good impression on.

AND when the point of sliding in is so you can set up an informational.

I cannot stress enough, SHOOT YOUR SHOT. It’s worth it. Connect with people for informationals, because the only way you’ll learn how to be more like them or map out your career path, is if you talk to the people that have already done it before you.

So here’s a scenario:

You finally connect with the person that you’ve always wanted to meet but you don’t know what to say. Maybe you want to send a cold email (listen I’ve done plenty of those and you would be surprised how many people appreciate the initiative), or you met someone at an event that you want to follow up with, I’m going to give you some templates to help guide you.

First up, someone you admire and want to shoot a message on LinkedIn or if you have an email address:

Hey (insert name),

Wanted to shoot you a note because first and foremost, I’m a HUGE fan of (insert company). I’d love the opportunity to touch base with you and learn more about your background. I relish the opportunity to learn from your experience, and (insert a part of their career trajectory that stands out to you).

I gain a lot of value from learning from leaders within the organizations I’ve been at and from people outside my organization and industry.

If you’d be open to sparing a few minutes, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for the consideration. Hope to speak soon,

(Your name)

Don’t have Linkedin Prime and limited to 100 characters?

Try this out instead:

“Hi (insert name)- love what you do at (insert company name) and looking to connect here.”

Here’s another idea, maybe you’ve met the person briefly and you want to reach out:

Hey (insert name) —

Great to connect. I hope all is well with you. I’m a big fan of (insert company). Would love to touch base sometime and hear more about (potential “pain point” or industry change that they are dealing with and you want to learn more about).

I’m always curious to learn from folks in other industries. Hope to catch up with you.


(Your name)

Someone you met at a networking event:

Hi (insert name),

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say that it was so nice meeting you at (add the event you met at). I enjoyed talking to you about (call out the specific thing you talked about, maybe even include a link if it was an industry article or something tangible you discussed). If you have any availability to touch base over the next 2–3 weeks, I would love to connect. Please let me know if there’s anything I can help you with as well!

All the best,

(Your name)

Feel free to combine, personalize, edit, and adjust those templates in the way that works best for you and what you’re going after.

Also, feel free to check out this article so you can learn more about templates for writing cold emails, intro emails, and the rest. The article may be about the job hunt, but trust me, it applies to internship hunts, MBA hunts, all the hunts. Get in the ‘constant contact phase’ now, because the career juju gods only works for those who work for them.

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Checkout www.thelighthouse.usto find, connect with and get career help from insiders in the industries and MBA programs you’re trying to get into. Check. Us. Out.

-MacKenzie + thelighthouse team

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