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Give feedback, get feedback.

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Help me, help you.

Have you seen the latest article thelighthouse was featured in? Surprise! It's all about feedback.

Here are the top takeaways:

When you give your team feedback, share how you are going to help them reach their career goals and act on the feedback.

Prepare yourself for the conversation by compiling notes for each of your direct reports, so you can “jot down examples of what they’re doing well and areas they could improve."

Be sure not to over-do the discussion points and keep the conversation light, easy, and future-focused.

The purpose of feedback is for your report to improve. Ask questions like "What barriers can I remove for you?" and "How can I help?"

Remember, feed is reciprocal - ask what you can be doing better, too.

Feedback can benefit everyone do don't miss out on this opportunity to better understand your strengths, areas to improve, and personal brand.

Read the article.


The Muse shares 4 Steps for Asking for (and Getting) Truly Honest Feedback.

A lot of people interpret the word "feedback" for criticism. How do our minds link the two together?

As a manager or boss, how can you get feedback from your reports and employees?

Check out these 31 tips for giving and receiving feedback at work.

Want a personalized plan for addressing how to give or receive feedback at work? Schedule a session with a lighthouse Insider!