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Career Transitioning: The Recap

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Top takeaways from thelighthouse Career Transitioner Event

A big thank you to our Insider panelists - Blair, Ritu, Rachel, Julia, and MacKenzie.

Missed the event? See below for the SparkNotes. 

Question: What do you do when you're not sure what your next move should be?

Ritu: The best advice an old boss told me is, "no one is going to design your career for you, you have design your career yourself." I had to find allies within my workplace who were going to guide me on that next transition.

Question: How do you think about internal transitions?

Julia: Read the signs. There are always subtle ways the company is telling you if you are doing well or not. And if not, there are tons of other places you can capitalize elsewhere.

MacKenzie: I ask myself, "do I stay here where it's comfortable and cozy or do I leave and go fill in a new white space that I don't have [on my resume]?"

Question: What do you recommend if someone is at a company and unsure of what to do regarding a move?

Blair: Before you go to anyone, put together a detailed list of decisions and possible outcomes. Exhaust all the internal monologues. Research what it is YOU want. Get it out of your system with personal people before going to HR. Doing the personal research on your own is more important than the conversation you will have with HR.

Rachel: Know your priorities and know your deal breakers - and why. You’ll be more open to exploring outside of conventional routes to reach the next professional level.

Question: What can you do tonight or tomorrow to move your career forward?

MacKenzie: Update your LinkedIn and use platforms like thelighthouse and Career Contessa.

Rachel: Pay for LinkedIn premium. There are a lot of benefits and it is worth it!

Ritu: If you want to be a thought leader, show it. Start creating content on LinkedIn and post it.

Blair: Be open to other places and cities. Life is an adventure!

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