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Build a career, not just a resume.

Careers have changed. They are no longer linear and they're about more than a paycheck. We aren't climbing the career ladder, we're creating our own.

thelighthouse is a private network focused on connecting and growing rising leaders across top industries.

Imagine a network of rising leaders in the industries you’re trying to advance in who can tell you everything you’ve always wanted to know about their field and how to get there. That’s thelighthouse.

thelighthouse Members are rising leaders from companies including:
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How it works
Share your goals
Share your career goals, challenges, and interests via our career questionnaire.
Get matched
With relevant professionals who have experience with the career topic and book a 1-on-1 virtual career conversation to get insight and a new perspective.
Keep growing
In addition to the 1-on-1 sessions, you'll get access to relevant events and resources to keep you growing in your career.
thelighthouse was founded to empower professionals to drive their careers forward at every single turn - from a banker on Wall Street to joining a start-up in Tel Aviv.
Our networked approach empowers you with career insights that are up-to-date, rooted in real-industry experience, and curated to you and your career goals.
Or you can stick with what you know...
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Out-of-date and overly-biased advice from Mom & Dad


Low-to-no response rate on LinkedIn

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Out-of-budget and non-industry specific advice from a career coach


Information overload & questionable sources online

"thelighthouse encourages you to think outside the box and forces you to have a strategy about your career..."


— Julia, Finance Professional, lighthouse Member

  • What is thelighthouse?
    thelighthouse is a private membership of rising leaders across industries on a mission to grow their careers. Our tech-enabled platform connects you with the network, resources, and events you need to keep moving forward in your career. At thelighthouse, our promise is career insight that is: - Tailored to you as an individual, rather than the role you have today - Confidential: as a third party to your company, this is a safe space to have honest and confidential conversations about your career - Rooted in up-to-date, real world experience and context
  • What is included in my membership?
    1 year access to thelighthouse, sponsored by your company, manager, or self-sponsored. As a member, your experience is curated to your career goals, challenges, and interests. You tell us what those are (through your onboarding call and our career quiz questionnaire) and we’ll empower you with the resources you need to reach your goals. Your membership includes: Six 1-on-1 career sessions: We match you with other lighthouse members who have experience with what you're navigating for 1-on-1 virtual career conversations (all matching, scheduling, and hosting is done by thelighthouse). Vetted resources tailored to your career goals: We send you playbooks on the career goals you've set. The playbooks include the top resources (courses, books, articles, and practices) that have been crowdsourced from professionals who have firsthand experience with the topic. Unlimited events: We invite you to virtual and in-person events (hosted by thelighthouse and our partners) on topics that are relevant to your career goals, challenges, and interests. See past lighthouse events here. As a member, you’ll also have the opportunity to host sessions for other members who are looking for insight on career topics that you have direct experience with. This broadens your network and helps you further develop your coaching and leadership skills.
  • How does thelighthouse work?
    You’ll receive a welcome email from thelighthouse asking you to book your 20 minute onboarding call Log in and create your profile Take the Career Quiz to tell us your current career goals, challenges, and interests Visit your dashboard to see recommendations of relevant professionals for 1-on-1 virtual career sessions, vetted resources, and upcoming events -- all curated based on your career goals, challenges, and interests Come back to thelighthouse and retake the Career Quiz to set new career goals, challenges, and interests We will also send you a bi-monthly personalized playbook to keep you accountable and share suggestions for how to make progress on your career.
  • What do members talk about during their career sessions?
    Sessions are 100% tailored to you, meaning you get to set the topic. Here are a few examples from current members: If you have a performance review coming up, you can book a 1-on-1 session with a member who has experience advocating for themselves at work. He or she can share suggestions, speaking points, and approaches based on his or her experience. You can also run through a mock conversation to get you ready. If you are a new manager, you can book a 1-on-1 session with a professional who has transitioned from an Individual Contributor to a People Manager to learn about their experience and what strategies, approaches, and resources they found most effective and helpful. If you’re curious about a specific role or function (for example: Product Management), you can book a 1-on-1 session with a professional in that role or from that background. This person can share what it’s really like, how they made the transition into the field, what skills are important, and what resources are helpful to develop those skills. They can also help you connect the dots on what skills and experiences are transferable from your current or past experience. If you’re applying for a leadership organization outside of work, you can book a 1-on-1 session to get a second pair of eyes on your resume, review your application, or do a mock interview. If you’re considering getting a certification, like a PMP or an MBA, you can book a 1-on-1 session with a professional who went down that path and can share the benefits, drawbacks, and path they took. Other examples: figuring out a career direction, navigating a salary negotiation, growing your personal brand, and more.
  • How does thelighthouse help me be a better manager?
    For you: You can use thelighthouse to get resources and have conversations with other professionals on how to become a better manager whether it’s giving feedback, leading by influence, or culture-building. For your team: The best managers are always looking for ways to better support their team members in their individual growth. thelighthouse complements your efforts and helps you be the best manager you can be. Here's how: Encouraging your team to use thelighthouse shows them that you care about and are invested in their long term success. thelighthouse leads to higher impact 1-on-1's since lighthouse members have more clarity on their career goals, needs, and interests, thereby making it easier for you to support them in that growth. thelighthouse is an additional resource that your team members can leverage to develop professionally.
  • Who makes up thelighthouse community?
    thelighthouse is a community of rising professionals coming from a diverse set of industries, careers, and companies. All members share a commitment to their career growth. Industries and roles:thelighthouse is intentionally a cross-industry, cross-role community because we recognize that most careers now span multiple industries, roles, and geographies. We have members working in a diverse range of industries including tech, finance, professional services, real-estate, and more. Our members also have diverse backgrounds including Management Consulting, Customer Success, Strategy, Product Management, Investing, and more. Demographics:Most members are mid-career, rising leaders from all genders and backgrounds. The membership is mostly U.S. based, and centered in metropolitan areas like NYC, SF, Boston, and D.C. We also have members in other cities and countries.
  • Why is thelighthouse relevant to me and my team?
    Success is no longer as simple as climbing a career ladder. Today, it’s more like scaling a rock climbing wall with constantly moving footholds. This new reality requires you to be proactive, strategic, and intentional about your career. In a world where the half-life of skills is shrinking, career navigation is becoming a critical skill needed for you to reach your full potential.
  • Why is thelighthouse relevant in the time of COVID-19?
    COVID-19 has shown us the fragility of our careers and highlights the incredible pace at which the workforce is changing. To stay relevant in today’s economy, you must be forward thinking and proactive about your career and future. And with most of us working remotely, now is the best opportunity to carve out time to invest in yourself and think critically about your career.
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