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Employee expectations during covid-19.

A few weeks into the COVID-19 quarantine, we noticed a theme in many of our conversations with business leaders. They had made it through the initial shock of the overnight adjustment to remote work. The initial work-from-home policies were set, communicated, and made a reality. Some companies introduced additional sick day policies, others invested in mental health solutions, and most shared some kind of ‘work-from-home best practices’ guide.

Now what?

After surviving the first month of this ‘new normal’, many leaders seem to be in a state of cautious paralysis as they try to understand their employees' needs. This is particularly true when it comes to Professional Development.

At thelighthouse, we launched a survey where we have collected over 100 responses from employees from a variety of industries and quarantine situations (with kids, alone, with roommates/partners) to better understand:

-What their needs are

-What their company offered as response to COVID-19

-What they value most

We hope our findings help you better understand and serve your employees.

Complete the form to view the report.

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