Help your employees, and the business, grow during this unprecedented time  

thelighthouse connects your employees to the support and resources they need to navigate and thrive in the fast changing world of work.

thelighthouse is a personalized career growth platform that connects your employees to relevant professionals and resources based on their career goals.

As a member, your experience is tailored based on your specific career goals, challenges, and interests.

One-on-One Virtual Career Sessions

Let us know what career topic you're looking for insight on and we'll match you with 3 professionals who have first-hand experience with that topic. You'll then get to choose you want to work with and schedule a 45 min video chat.

Curated Resources

We'll send you resources that are tailored to your career goals and have been curated by professionals who have relevant experience so you don't have to spend hours clicking through overwhelming amounts of content from questionable sources. 


Connect with other professionals in an online and offline setting to discuss and get a diverse set of perspectives on carer topics that are top of mind for you.

thelighthouse Members are rising leaders from companies including:

Future-proofing your employees is more than a competitive advantage, it's your lifeline

Lack of career growth is the #1 reason people leave jobs, yet 72% of companies offer career development and spending doubled what was spent in 2016. So where is the disconnect?

  • Career growth is the #1 driver for today's professionals. It's no longer a perk, it's an expectation.

  • You want hungry, driven employees. Those hungry, driven employees want career growth.

  • Professionals want career growth that is personalized to them as an individual and curated to their specific career goals, challenges, and interests. Not the old school one-size-fits-all L&D.

  • Companies want effective, scalable solutions that actually meet employees' needs and drive individual and company-level growth.


COVID-19 has fundamentally shifted the way we work and what companies and their employees need to be successful.

  • Employees are facing new challenges e.g. managing remote teams, working from home, shifting priorities

  • Employees have fewer resources with in-person trainings postponed and office culture on hold

  • Employees are facing more career stress, with a recent survey showing career stress is closely behind physical and mental health in terms of priority

  • The above factors are impacting employee engagement, productivity, and business growth​ making it more important than ever before to invest in career growth.

Why our approach works


Curated to individual’s career goals, challenges, and interests and delivered on their own time.


Insight from professionals who have first-hand experience with the career topic at hand.


In a world where advice goes out of date quickly, solutions that evolve with the times are more critical than ever to make the investment worthwhile.

Thelighthouse helps you support your employees' #1 priority: their career growth, while also future-proofing your teams and the company.

98% have more clarity and direction on their career path

97% learned something new that will help them achieve their career goals

84% wish their company offered thelighthouse


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