thelighthouse is a personalized career growth platform 

We connect employees to relevant professionals, resources, and events based on their career goals. 


Grow your employees 

and the business 

thelighthouse connects employees to the support and resources needed to navigate and thrive in the fast changing world of work.

Personalized Career Growth - at Scale

1-on-1 Virtual Career Sessions 

Our proprietary algorithm matches employees with professionals who have first-hand experience with the career topics they're looking for insight on.  Employees then book video career conversations to get new perspectives and insights based on real-world experience.

Curated Resources

Today's professional is too busy to sort through overwhelming amounts of content from questionable sources on the internet. We match them to curated and vetted resources that are relevant to their specific career objectives. 


Employees get access to monthly virtual and in-person events on career topics that are top of mind. Through these events, members grow their network, connect with and learn from other professionals, and get a diverse set of perspectives on common career challenges.

Why our approach works


Curated to individual’s career goals, challenges, and interests and delivered on their own time.


Insight from professionals who have first-hand experience with the career topic at hand.


In a world where advice goes out of date quickly, solutions that evolve with the times are critical to make the investment worthwhile.

thelighthouse Members are rising leaders from companies including:

Future-proofing your employees is more than a competitive advantage, it's your lifeline


Career growth is the #1 driver for today's professionals. It's no longer a perk, it's an expectation.

Even as 72% of companies offer career development and are spending double what was spent in 2016, lack of future career development is the #1 reason people leave jobs.


Where is the disconnect?

Professionals want career growth that is personalized to them as individuals and curated to their specific career goals, challenges, and interests. Not the old school one-size-fits-all L&D.


Companies want effective, scalable solutions that actually meet employees' needs and drive individual and company-level growth.

thelighthouse helps you support your employees' #1 priority:

their career growth, while also future-proofing your teams and the company.


Out of 5 average star rating for 1-on-1 career conversations


Higher NPS than traditional L&D programs


Average engagement rate 


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